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Photo Album

Pictures from here and there

The World of the Fae

View a map for the Tir Alainn stories

The Realms of the Blood

Outtakes from Heir to the Shadows

These are a couple of scenes that were cut
from the final revisions of Heir to the Shadows.
I hope you enjoy them, but please do not take them from my website to use elsewhere.

The Khaldharon Run

Dressing Up

Places in the Realms

A list of Territories and places in the Realms.

Dena Nehele

Map of Dena Nehele

FAQs about the Blood

Answers to some of the questions readers ask the most often about the Blood.

Bits and Pieces

Guest of Honor Speech At Thylacon

An interview was given to Lighthouse Magazine, (issue 3, 2005)

read an interview I did for Romantic Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels.

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