The Invisible Ring

The Invisible Ring

October 2000

Art by Larry Rostant
Design by Ray Lundgren

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Australia, artist Darren HoltGermanyPortugalInvisible Ring

Japan 1Japan 2Japan 3The Invisible Ring, library edition audio book

The Invisible Ring, FranceInvisible Ring


Jared is a Red-Jeweled Warlord bound as a pleasure slave by the Ring of Obedience. After suffering nine years of torment as a slave, he murdered his owner and escaped—only to be caught and sold in slavery once again.

Purchased by a notorious queen, Jared fears he will share the mysterious fate of her other slaves—never to be seen again—and so prepares himself for death. But the Gray Lady may not be what she seems, and Jared soon faces a difficult decision: his freedom…or his honor.


"Bishop will draw you into her world like a spider and never spit you back out -- it is like an addiction. I am not a re-reader, but I re-read this book simply because I love her characters and the depth she gives them -- along with the mystery she is able to weave around each -- leaving you guessing until she's ready to tell you what she wants you to know. It is recommended to read the Black Jewels trilogy for a full understanding of the society, but not necessary."
SFRevu (

"The Invisible Ring will serve as an enticement, whetting the appetite to explore more of the realms in the Black Jewels trilogy. It and its predecessors are genuine gems of fantasy much to be prized."
The Zone

"[Bishop exhibits] overall sublime skill as a writer blending the darkly macabre with spine-tingling emotional intensity, mesmerizing magic, lush sensuality, and exciting action, all set in a thoroughly detailed, invented world of cultures in conflict."

"Captivating storytelling...I found myself not so much reading the book as devouring it."
11th Hour


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